Who knew Kizashi was not Sushi?

Suzuki has taken a big step up this year with the brand new 2010 Kizashi.

?The Kizashi is a compact four-door sedan, powered by a spunky 2.4-liter engine, making 185 horsepower and 170 pound-feet of torque. Buyers have a choice of six-speed manual or Continuously Variable transmission with Front Wheel Drive, or an automatic All Wheel Drive transmission.

?The Kizashi also delivers competitive fuel economy, over 25 MPG in the kind of real-world city and highway driving most people experience.

?The most basic 2010 Kizashi comes with a manual transmission, and offers standard traction and stability control. The entry-level Kizashi starts at $18,999 and sticker prices range all the way to about $25,500 for the top of the line SLS version with automatic and All Wheel Drive.

?The Kizashi will beat most cars in its price range when it comes to handling and power. The new Suzuki is confident, sure-footed, and eager for curves. The comparatively low-power but peppy 4-cylinder engine won?t leave you wishing for more.

?Inside the Kizashi, you can get a convenient pocket-key, push-button start, sunroof, GPS navigation, zone climate control, a very nice audio system, and power everything. The seats are comfortable and built for the driving enthusiast. Leather is optional, but even if you buy your Kizashi with every option available, you?ll still bring it home for about $25,000.

?Checking the outside, the Kizashi has good-looking sport-compact sedan bodywork, similar to the market leaders. This is an attractive car that looks much more expensive than its actual price.

?The bottom line on the Kizashi is a solid, fun, sport-compact driving experience at a bargain price. The leading automakers had better look in their rear-view mirrors, because Suzuki has a new competitor coming up fast on their tails.

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