Will, we ever see an end to rising gas prices // Nissan and Gen Z have a solution

​For 2022, the Altima has been Nissan’s best-selling sedan this year. The question is, why? Well, it’s because America’s youngest generation is dominating sedan sales.

Among Gen Z buyers, sedans were 40% of new vehicles purchased so far in 2022. So why do Gen Z buyers prefer sedans? We spoke with Steve Parrett, Nissan’s regional manager to find out.

“What Gen Z buyers tell us is the most important reason they chose to buy a specific vehicle, is that it offers a good value for the money. That’s why we believe Gen Z buyers are attracted to sedans. Sedans represent a great value”

As many automakers begin to discontinue their sedan offerings, Nissan still believes in sedans, like the Altima, and doesn’t plan on walking away from the segment any time soon.

Gen Z buyers also pay attention to the pump. According to triple-A, the national average gas price continues to climb over $4 per gallon – a record high since 2008.

Thankfully, sedans like the 2022 Nissan Altima can help save on costs at the pump. Nissan says its most fuel-efficient version of the Altima gets nearly 40 mpg on the highway.

Connectivity ranks among one of the top needs for Gen Z as well. Features that let them stay in touch on the go, like Apple car play and Android auto, are important to their social life.

Another important feature to younger buyers is safety, and Altima offers some of the most available.

Nissan safety shield 360 offers several, safety and convenience features like lane-keep assist and blind-spot warning to help drivers get to their destination safely.
The starting price is $24,650 and is available now.

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