The BMW Concept XM looks to be the most powerful M car ever to go into series production, which is set to begin at the end of 2022. Electrification underpins an extraordinary driving experience that allows the driver to both glide along in near silence and enjoy the road.
Celebrating the 50th year of the M model, they give us the concept BMW XM which will only be available as a hybrid.
The BMW concept XM provides us with a preview of the all-new front-end design that will be the standard for the future of these high-end luxury-class models. BMW does it again with an immediately noticeable, highly progressive, and unique take on the BMW X model design. New aggressive angles on the kidney-shaped pods prove to make this a head-turner as it demands to be seen down the road.
The first pure M model since the legendary BMW M1 – the approach here was high performance and extroverted luxury. When you first climb in, you can see the interpretation of the M model in the cockpit design. Hard lines along with the instrument panel and center console remind you that this is a high-performance car waiting to see the right side of the speed gauge.
As soon as you step out of the cockpit you are reassigned to your new seats, which cradle you in the finest materials this earth has produced. Surrounded by carbon fiber, leather, powerful geometry and bold trim elements provide clear visual separation of the rest of the car.
BMW is saying goodbye to the “i” line up of its fleet to make room for this powerhouse, and its upcoming family members. This will be the first of an all new line of electrified cars from BMW.

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