​Anchor lead: The New Toyota Tundra Capstone comes out solidifying itself as one of the greatest Luxury Pickup trucks ever. Also being a hybrid that produces 437 horsepower. This World Exclusive Truck gets driven first by Our Auto Experts Nik Miles
We’re here to be the first in the world to drive the new Toyota Tundra Capstone. This vehicle has its brand-new iForce max power engine in it, which is a hybrid and it is the most luxurious Toyota Tundra that they have ever built. 
We’re going to put it on the road and show you all of those high-end accouterments that this truck has the color of this Windchill Pearl. It surrounds the grill, which is unique to the Capstone. Standard accent lights, standard retractable running boards, and 22-inch Diamond-cut Wheels. Which are the largest seen on any Tundra ever. Capstone has its own unique tailgate with Tundra written across the back Toyota on the handle and Tundra written across the top of the tailgate. It was designed and developed. And of course, built right here in the US of A. The interior of this vehicle is very classy. American Walnut is the inlay that to me is very Posh. It also has lots of classy leather material soft-touch, leather on the inside, lots of white stitching to make it stand out and be very Posh and accent lighting as well as that double Pano Moonroof to let in all of the moonlight or sunlight shine on my beautiful face.  So let’s talk about horsepower. This vehicle has 437 horsepower and a Hybrid engine. It’ll do about 22 miles a gallon combined. If you get it out on the highway, you can be looking somewhere around twenty-four miles a gallon, if you do cruising speeds, but if you so desire to put your foot down and get some acceleration out of it, that vehicle’s fuel economy will drop as it has a lot of power and it’s fast. Now, befitting a luxury vehicle, this has a10-inch color. Heads up display a 14-inch, massive screen on the inside, and of course, keep it nice and quiet in the cabin. It has acoustic glass on the inside. Can you hear anything outside? I can’t. It is not available in 2 wheel drive, they only come in the 4×4 version if you want the Capstone, so you better get used to four-wheel drive.  It’s powerful. It’s controlled. It’s smooth. It’s easy to drive. It’s beautiful. It’s a truck for Posh people. Now, this is really a beautiful trunk on the inside and out, but there is one question. Why didn’t they make this vehicle Alexis?

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